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Current Month Reports

1/26/04 I live about two miles east of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. I saw a bright light in the sky not far from the horizon, which kind of chilled there; I thought it was unusually bright, but then I said, okay, well, it's a plane with a bright beacon, but it was barely moving, until it kind of turned a corner and started heading relatively in my direction.
By the time it reached relatively near to me, I could see that it was very low to the ground, because I could distinguish the lights of the plane very easily; it almost looked like Christmas lights in the sky; there was like a ring of red lights next to a ring of bright white lights.
It was just then I noticed it wasn't making any sound. At that point, I tried hard to hear something from it, but could barely perceive anything, and it was moving very fast, at least as fast as a jet; but, as I say, it was very close to ground, so relativity being what it is, it might have been not that fast, so as to break the sound barrier without being heard, a clear giveaway that something was wrong, but it was nonetheless moving very fast, and the point of its maximum acceleration, the red lights quit entirely, and the whole plane, which had looked until that point like a relatively large plane, looked like a single light; every other light had turned off, and then it was gone on the other side of the horizon very very quickly, but at that point, right before escaping my view the red lights were blinking again.
It was about a second it took to get from the middle between where it started and where it left my view on the other side of the horizon, whereas it had been in my view on the other side of the horizon for the length of a cigarette. There is an airport very nearby, so that there's always planes coming and going very low to ground; every type of plane, too, so I can at least say it was a very very strange plane, the likes of which did not make sense for this specific reason: the lights did not blink in a consistent pattern, as they do on a plane, to notify other planes.
Now they seemed to reflect acceleration, they're being turned off I mean, but that simply doesn't make sense I think, that lights would have anything to do with acceleration of deceleration, but then what's the point of flashing red lights if they aren't a beacon? I can safely say however, that it was not a small plane, nor a jet airliner, and that there are no military bases around, and it's moving so very fast and so very low, and away from the airport was illegal use of airspace, and in this state of heightened alert necessitates the plane is outside of radar capability of the military, or one of their own, and as I said, there are no air force bases around.
It also did not look like it had a constant velocity, which I think was the most troubling thing about the sighting, nor a constant bearing, and it disappeared in the direction of undeveloped land.
Alright, enough from me.