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California UFO Reports
* Sightings from the state of California USA *
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All current month reports in RED

1/26/04 0:00 Livermore, Ca. I saw a bright light in the sky not far from the horizon, which kind of chilled there....

1/9/04 11:00pm San Diego, Ca. It was an unusually clear night for the coast so I was checking out the stars which you usually can't see very well. This is when I saw what appeared to be a 3 point delta shaped........

12/18/03 6:45pm Eureka, CA. Fireball 1:00 from our balcony, to the north/east of town,and maybe 5 miles away or more. we saw a red/orange fireball come down like a meteorite.

12/17/03 11:15pm Castro Valley, CA. Unknown 2 HOURS object.

12/17/03 6:15am San Jose, CA. Diamond 15 or 20 seconds Formation of 12 to 14 large objects going North to South over Downtown San Jose

12/16/03 10:00pm Valencia, CA. Circle 40 seconds Both my wife and I saw a flying saucer craft directly over our back yard at an altitude of no higher than 75 feet.

12/16/03 11:45pm Riverbank, CA. Other 10 seconds Skyquake Central Valley, California.

12/15/03 10:45pm North Hollywood, CA. Fireball 2 SEC white, blue, & green in the Valley.

12/15/03 6:15pm Napa, CA. Circle 30minutes At 6:00 pm, an unidentified "object" was shining very brightly in the western portion of the sky. (C.U.R. * Most likely the planet Venus visible at sunset for several hours in Winter)

12/15/03 10:05am San Francisco Bay, CA. Unknown 5 minute star lights that move super fast and stop , zig zag behind cloud ( still can't figure out what it was)

12/14/03 9:00pm Vinton, CA. Fireball 2 sec large meteor like object surrounded by bright green light.

12/14/03 7:30pm Rocklin, CA. Circle fraction of a second My husband and I were driving eastbound on Interstate 80 between Rocklin and Auburn, California. A bright glowing blue light appeared.

12/14/03 6:30pm North Highlands, CA. Circle 2 minutes Three lighted, yellow circles rotating across the sky in a straight path.

12/13/03 6:00pm Vacaville, CA. Fireball 30 seconds Large red light appeared in the sky and descended directly down to the ground.

12/13/03 1:30am Fullerton, CA. Oval 2-3 seconds. A round shaped, bright light greenish light suddenly caught my eye. It could have been an airplane, a helicopter, fireworks, or something.. it was NOTHING LIKE IT.

12/13/03 4:21pm Indio, CA. 7 minutes - Orange light zig zag movement below light cloud layer, stops, vanishes.

12/5/03 5:00am Oceanside, CA. Fireball 20 min. Fireball

12/2/03 5:52pm Thousand Oaks, CA. Blimp sized/shape object.

12/2/03 5:30am Santa Monica, CA. Light 30 seconds Slow moving comet type object.

12/2/03 2:02am San Gabriel, CA. Circle 1 minute Comet looking object appears and fades over southern California sky.

12/1/03 7:10am San Jose, CA. Bright object seen in sky while driving to work. Shaped like an upside U.

12/1/03 2:00pm Lemoore, CA. Light 10 minutes Bright red light , moving upwards and at crazy angles.

11/30/03 11:53pm Auberry, CA. Light 3 seconds Saucer w/ navy blue lights.

11/30/03 7:50pm Pico Rivera, CA. Changing 20 minutes Bright Red UFO.

11/30/03 3:35pm San Diego, CA. Circle 1-2 minutes At 3:35 PM I went outside to feed the family of ravens who arrive/calling at that time. I went out onto my upstairs balcony to see how.

11/28/03 Midnight - Hayward, CA. Light 5 minutes I didn't see a solid object, but I saw some crazy lights.

11/28/03 5:35 Palo Alto, CA. Disk 10 sec. I saw an image of a large round, well lit object in the sky that was moving. I believe that this object would have been somewhere in the (over) vacinaty of Redwood City, San Carlos, or perhaps South San Francisco.

11/28/03 12:40pm Walnut Creek, CA. Triangle 2.3 min. I and 7 friends and family saw a dull, grey triangular shaped object hover over a hill, fly toward us and the speed away.

11/27/03 12:40am San Diego, CA. Light 20 seconds Light streaking through the sky in San Diego, CA at 12:40 on 11/27/03 projecting white, green and red.

11/27/03 9:05pm Hemet, CA. Triangle 1minute We heard a loud noise, and noticed 2 white lights connected by a single object, moving a first slow then great speed.

11/27/03 7:00pm San Diego, CA. Fireball 30 seconds large white circular shape leaves a trail of blue and orange streaks, last only seconds then disappears.

11/27/03 7:24pm Los Angeles, CA. Triangle approx. 15 seconds Triangular formation of bright amber lights passes over downtown L.A. after violating LAX approach path.

11/26/03 8:00pm Valencia, CA. Triangle 15 seconds Silent, triangular object with three dim, gray lights.

11/24/03 10:43pm San Diego, CA. Triangle 1 min Triangle with circular lights on each end.

11/24/03 6:20am Sacramento, CA. Triangle 1 minute Low flying Triangular Object w/ 7 lights. As it passed overhead appeared to be a 5 sided dark gray object.

11/23/03 2:00am Santa Maria, CA. Light .10 six red lights moving away from each other.

11/23/03 1:00am Napa, CA. Unknown less than 5 minutes what seemed to be a burning triangle shape, no noise, burning pieces falling from it , no explosion,just red debris falling.

11/23/03 1:15am San Diego, CA. Chevron 3 seconds 4 sphere red chevron.

11/23/03 7:00pm Berkeley, CA. Oval ~8 mins huge illuminated object with flashing lights moving smoothly over Bay Bridge toward Oakland.

11/22/03 7:30pm Vista, CA. Triangle 15scc two crafts were sighted moving north to south at a high rate of speed.

11/22/03 7:30pm Vista, CA. Triangle 10 seconds The first craft was in had 3-5 small dim blue lights in a triangular shape, although the outline of its body was circular, it was very.

11/22/03 7:25pm Los Angeles, CA. Light 8-10 seconds Peculiar light, the apparent size of a star, streaks from west to east over Los Angeles, CA.

11/22/03 2:30am Livermore, CA. Light > About 1 hour in eastern sky - lights?

11/21/03 7:00pm Irvine, CA. Cigar approx. 10sec Blue cigar shaped with a red light.

11/20/03 6:00pm Marin, CA. Cylinder 5 - 10 minutes Bright, yellow UFO crashes in California.

11/20/03 5:45pm Rohnert, Park CA. Fireball 1 second flare-type unidentified light over Rohnert Park, CA.

11/20/03 5:40pm Riverside, CA. Circle 10-15 seconds Bright Green Circle over 60 FWY.

11/20/03 5:34pm Campbell, CA. Other 5 seconds? Bright white/green streak straight into Almaden Valley / Los Gatos area - 5:34pm PST.

11/20/03 5:30pm Salinas, CA. Circle 30 Seconds I was not the actual witness but the news stations were discussing the incident for hours and the object was reported from Sacramento,C.

11/20/03 5:30pm Scotta Valley, CA. Other 2-3 seconds Glowing green snowflake object falling to the ground.

11/20/03 5:30pm Sunnyvale, CA. Unknown 6 seconds HUGE Ball of Light Falling from the Sky. Possible meteor or missile test on California coast.

11/20/03 5:30pm Los Gatos, CA. Light 3 seconds Single Gigantic-size Solid White Light in Rounded Cone Shape with a light tail behind it traveling at Extremely Fast speed

11/20/03 5:30pm Los Gatos, CA. Light 3 seconds Single Gigantic White Light in Cylinder shape with light Tail at extremely high rate of speed.

11/20/03 Midnight - Norco, CA. Formation 1hour I opened up my br window to observe the clear night sky and directly in the center,(theres no screen) I immediately noticed a formation.

11/19/03 2:00am Redlands, CA. Light 30 minutes Singular light in night sky. Shifted intensity irregularly. Appeared to give off red, green, white, blue, purple light.

11/19/03 1:00am Catalina Island, CA. Triangle 4 to 5 min Huge triangle object with big red pulsating lights.

11/19/03 2:30am Victorville, CA. Triangle on going 3 hovering objects making quick compensating waterbug-like movements to hold their position. Look like bright stars, except light is f

11/18/03 7:00pm Fontana, CA. Changing 30 seconds It looked like a giant jelly fish with little lights all around. and it kept changing it's shape.

11/18/03 6:30pm Yucaipa, CA. Light 20 sec Orbital lights, bright, flashing or stationary

11/17/03 8:30pm Burbank, CA. Sphere 10 min. A bright gold sphere in Burbank, CA @ 8:30 pm seen in the southern sky

11/17/03 5:45pm San Francisco, CA. Light 10 minutes What looked like shooting stars over the east in the San Francisco bay area.

11/16/03 9:00pm Corona, CA. Light 30 to 45 minutes two white lights with red light blinking back and forth,moving to the right then back to the left.

11/16/03 9:00pm San Diego, CA. Circle 15 minutes + Walking back to my apartment and noticing the sky had cleared between storms, I looked up to see and appreciate the clear, dark sky.

11/16/03 8:00pm Near the NV/CA. state line above the I-15 CA Other 30 seconds Dark object spotted over Interstate 15 near CA/NV state line.

11/16/03 11:35pm Woodland Hills, CA. Light 5-10 Seconds Intense, White Light Streaks Across The 101 Freeway Towards Simi Valley!!

11/16/03 11:30pm Los Angeles, CA. Other 30 minutes Stars in the mid-day sun.

11/15/03 2:30pm Sacramento, CA. Unknown 2 seconds We heard and felt an unearthly object pass down our street, traveling incredibly fast.

11/15/03 5:00pm CA Teardrop 7 mins I had just left tracy, CA traveling west on I-205 towards San Francisco. The sky was a little stormy but there was a clearing in it.

11/15/03 11:30pm Coachella Valley, CA. Light Group of fuzzy, oval illuminations in the desert night sky.

11/15/03 02:00 Santee CA. Formation 12 minutes Four saucers in a diamond formation.

11/15/03 00:20 29 Palms, CA. Diamond 30 sec Fast moving vehicle with no sound.

11/13/03 15:00 Vallejo, CA. Formation half hour approx. STARTED WITH 4 COMING OUT OF THE SKY THEN 5 THEN 7 THEN 8 THEY WOULD COME TOGETHER THEN LEAVE.

11/12/03 15:32 Livermore, CA. Other Two Minutes I was driving down Lido Lane in Livermore, California, driving northwest. Something caught my eye that at first glance looked like a star.

11/12/03 05:00 El Monte, CA. Oval 5-10 seconds Oval flying object across my window screen 5-10 seconds.

11/11/03 16:50 San Jose, CA. Unknown aprox. 30 seconds stationary Object appeared at first to be star than faded and became two or three objects then faded out ocmpletely.

11/10/03 20:00 Watsonville, CA. Disk 5 min Disk shaped object flew low, had 4 light and an antenna, once i began to run after it, it lowered as if it were goin to land.

11/10/03 19:00 Chino, CA. Circle 1 min Watched as hovering green circular craft stopped and then flew off.

11/10/03 18:30 West Covina, CA. Disk 5 minutes Cloud-like saucer shape with top and bottom domes having flashing lights moving slowly at low altitude.

11/10/03 18:20 Pasadena, CA. Disk 15 min Driving East on 210 Fwy, looked to right, and my Daughter and I saw a saucer, fluorescent lights, just kept on hovering.

11/9/03 21:00 Hayward, CA. Triangle 30-sec. Triangular object.

11/9/03 18:05 Rocklin, CA. Light 15 - 20 seconds Brilliant white light that pulsated, enlarged, pulsated again, faded and moved away.

11/8/03 07:00 Adelanto, CA. Other 1 minute something drew my eyes to it, as I do not always look in that particular direction when walking on my walkway.

11/6/03 20:00 Santa Clarita, CA. Cigar one minute cigar shaped craft, huge in size with a number of red lights slowly crossed the moon lit sky with a small object following behind.

11/6/03 05:20 San Jose, CA. 15 Minutes About 5:05 saw a huge ball of shining light that lasted for about 15 minutes.

11/4/03 05:27 California City, (east of) CA. Light 5 minutes 5 large red/orange hovering lights east of California City.

11/3/03 21:45 Campbell, CA. Light 15 seconds Pinpoint of light moving far too fast to be a satellite...Also not a meteor because there was no trail......

11/1/03 23:56 Fairfield, CA. Diamond 40 seconds Double-diamond shaped object sighted in Fairfield CA. Silhouetted by half-moon. No speed estimate.

11/1/03 23:20 San Francisco, CA. Oval 1 hour large hovering object UFO I thought was plane isn't moving and isn't a star -- I've done astronomy

11/1/03 21:00 Hayward, CA. Light 30 seconds object appeared dropped a 'pod' then disappeared.

11/1/03 02:00 Lemoore, CA. Circle 5 minutes Last night my husband and his friend were out fishing. They saw a small ball of light rise from the ground to the sky.